VTBA Notice from FMCSA regarding Pennsylvania Interstate and Turnpike Restrictions

Due to the impending winter storm PennDOT will be proactively implementing the following restrictions at 10pm this evening (March 13, 2017):

–          45mph Speed Limit

–          No Tandem and Empty Trailers

–          No Super Loads on Tuesday and possibly Wednesday

–          No RVs, Motorcycles, Trailers and Buses

Areas impacted:

–          All interstates East of I-99 including I-99 and I-70 from the Bedford Turnpike Interchange South

–          I-80 from I-99 eastward

–          PA Turnpike from the Bedford Interchange East


Tim Cotter, FMCSA

Rehabilitation of Walpole, NH – Westminster, VT Bridge NH Route 123 Crossing the Connecticut River

The New Hampshire Department of Transportation announces the rehabilitation of the Walpole NH – Westminster, VT Bridge over the Connecticut River will require single lane traffic control by traffic signals.

The work impacting the traveling public will begin April 1, 2017. Motorists should expect traffic signals at the intersection of NH Route 12 and NH Route 123, and at the Vermont approach to the bridge, which will allow a single lane of alternating traffic across the bridge. Drivers approaching the bridge should anticipate slowed or stopped vehicles.

This rehabilitation project includes removing and reconstructing bridge expansion joints, stripping pavement, and repairs to the bridge’s deck and piers.

Cold River Bridges, LLC of Walpole, New Hampshire is the contractor for the $811,756 project, which has a completion date of August 11, 2017.

Rick Oberst, Construction Bureau, 603-903-9465
Bill Boynton, NHDOT Public Information Office, 603-271-6495

Town Highway & Bridges Weight Restrictions

All Vermont municipalities are required to file a report with the Vermont DMV of special weight limits for highways and bridges within their jurisdiction. Find a concise listing of each highway or bridge posted, weight limitations in effect, and the time of the year restrictions apply. Contact information is also provided for the individual(s) responsible for issuing local permits, if required.

Link to restrictions by towns