Rehabilitation of Walpole, NH – Westminster, VT Bridge NH Route 123 Crossing the Connecticut River

The New Hampshire Department of Transportation announces the rehabilitation of the Walpole NH – Westminster, VT Bridge over the Connecticut River will require single lane traffic control by traffic signals.

The work impacting the traveling public will begin April 1, 2017. Motorists should expect traffic signals at the intersection of NH Route 12 and NH Route 123, and at the Vermont approach to the bridge, which will allow a single lane of alternating traffic across the bridge. Drivers approaching the bridge should anticipate slowed or stopped vehicles.

This rehabilitation project includes removing and reconstructing bridge expansion joints, stripping pavement, and repairs to the bridge’s deck and piers.

Cold River Bridges, LLC of Walpole, New Hampshire is the contractor for the $811,756 project, which has a completion date of August 11, 2017.

Rick Oberst, Construction Bureau, 603-903-9465
Bill Boynton, NHDOT Public Information Office, 603-271-6495

Cyber threats and cargo theft: Is your fleet at risk?

Feb 23, 2017 Cristina Commendatore | Fleet Owner

Consider this: You’re a legitimate carrier and you’re scheduled to pick up a load. But, because of a recent cyber breach – unbeknownst to you – cargo thieves beat you to the pickup location and take off with that load.

This is known as a fictitious pickup. And the frauds involved here have done their research. They’ve learned who picks up where, where the best cargo is, and how to conduct a cyber breach, which could mean manipulating your SAFER MCS-150 form (the FMCSA’s Safety and Fitness Electronic Records System) and posing as you, a professional carrier.

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2017 Quebec thaw period

The purpose of this message is to inform you that the 2017 thaw period dates in Québec are now confirmed for each of the three zones. Therefore, the 2017 thaw period for the three zones are the following (please note that these dates may change depending on the meteorological conditions):

· Zone 1: Monday February 27th – Friday April 28th
· Zone 2: Monday March 6th – Friday May 5th
· Zone 3: Monday March 13th – Friday May 12th

During this period, authorized load limits are reduced because the road network load bearing capacity is weakened. Restrictions vary between 8% and 20% according to the vehicle’s type of axles and configuration.

For more information, please consult the “Thaw Period – Official dates” page in the “Trucking” section of the of the Ministère des Transports, de la Mobilité durable et de l’Électrification des transports web site.

We would appreciate if you could forward this information to your members, partners and staff.

Thank you for your collaboration and best regards,

Dave Henry
Direction du transport routier des marchandises