Seminar/Event Information

Seminar/Event Information

Annual Events:

2017 VTBA Annual Meeting



2017 Truck Driving Championships

June 3, 2017

Associated Grocers of NE, Pembroke, NH

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Alphabetical List of Training Seminars:

Air Brakes – Basic air systems. Download Registration Form.

Air Brakes – Air Brakes Foundations. Download Registration Form.

Air Brakes – Air Brakes ABS. Download Registration Form

Commercial Motor Vehicle Refresher – Review of CMV requirements. Download Registration Form.

Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA) – Essential training for today’s regulatory climate. Download Registration Form .

Hours of Service Overview -Stay in compliance with DOT hours of service. Download Registration Form.

DOT Collectors Training – Download Registration Form.

Essential Recordkeeping – Download Registration Form.

Forklift Safety Training – Download Registration Form.

Hazardous Materials Training –Download Registration Form .

Reasonable Suspicion Training – Download Registration Form.