Proving Your Truck Is Maintained


• CSA and Maintenance violations
• Can you prove your driver can conduct a proper pre-trip?
• Are you using daily vehicle inspection reports?
• Record retention requirements
• Do you have a preventive maintenance system in place?
• Vehicle maintenance documentation

**Certificates of this training are provided**

Reasonable Suspicion Training

 Do all of your supervisors of CDL drivers have the
mandatory DOT-required training to recognize

DOT regulations specifically require “all persons designated to supervise drivers” to receive 60 minutes of mandatory training on alcohol misuse and 60 minutes on controlled substances use (49CFR §382.603).  This DOT-required training shows supervisors what to look for when determining reasonable suspicion.  Also, this training illustrates a variety of scenarios and gives supervisors the confidence they need to handle difficult situations.

**Certificates will be handed out at the conclusion of the seminar**

Essential Recordkeeping

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has expectations that you monitor your compliance. This three hour seminar is designed to teach your administrative team (clerk/administrative assistant) recordkeeping management. The course reviews the required documentation process for the following:
• New hire paperwork (Driver Qualification File)
• Vehicle Maintenance Records
• Hours-of-Service
• Background and Previous Employer Checks
• Review of CDL and Non-CDL driver documentation
• Confidential recordkeeping for DOT Drug and Alcohol
testing by the Designated Employee Representative (DER)

**Certificates of this training are provided**