Master Truck Driver

Nomination Form

To Nominate for Master Truck Driver Certification, please download and complete the application.

The Master Truck Driver Certification program is sponsored by the Vermont Truck and Bus Association . This prestigious program is intended to recognize those drivers in your employ who have achieved a high level of professionalism through the safe operation of motor vehicles and who you believe have exemplified the ideals of the Vermont Truck and Bus Association and American trucking industry during their career.

Applications for the certification are being accepted and you are strongly encouraged to submit one or more for your drivers who meet the following criteria:

1) The driver must be nominated by an VTBA member company;

2) He or she must have been employed by your company as a full-time driver for at least one year;

3) He or she must have a citation-free Motor Vehicle Record for the past 3 years;

4) The driver must have achieved either:

a) One million DOT preventable accident-free miles or
b) 25,000 hours of DOT accident-free hours

In addition:

5) The driver must be able to demonstrate one of the following:

a) A record of community service
b) Leadership in a program or event(s) that promotes/furthers industry ideals and growth
c) Performance of a meritorious act of selflessness (e.g., roadside assistance)

Nomination forms are reviewed by a committee of experienced trucking industry representatives employed by members of the VTBA. An awards ceremony is held each fall and you and your driver will be advised of the date of the presentation.

Each driver who is awarded this certification will receive a dignified plaque and a specially designed jacket.

Please take a few moments to recognize those drivers whom you feel are deserving of this certification. If you have any questions about the program or the criteria for application, please do not hesitate to call me at 415-8324.


Geoffrey H. Doughty
Director of Safety & Loss Control